Paying your staff correctly

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The media has been filled recently with large companies either admitting to, or being pursued for, massive underpayment claims, often in the millions of dollars.

Failure to provide appropriate wages and entitlements for staff can have a devastating effect on your business with damage to staff morale, culture, reputation and your bottom line all likely consequences.

If you are too slow to identify, confess and resolve underpayment claims, the Fair Work Ombudsman will pursue the company and often individuals including directors, advisors and payroll staff for additional penalties on top of the underpayment claims.

How can you avoid being the subject of these claims? By having the right knowledge!

Lisa and her payroll officer from Wayne Phillis Automotive decided to take a proactive approach and enrolled with the MTA for some payroll professional development training.

“I thought it would give me a good place to start with reviewing our payroll processes and identifying areas for improvement.

“I was glad when leaving the course that my payroll officer was confident with how we go about our business.

“Since the course we have reviewed a lot of our processes and will continue to do so. Here are just a few:

  • We have updated our standard contract templates and our onboarding pack and employee handbook.
  • We have also tried to improve the quality of how the timebooks are filled in through education of our staff and managers. I am hoping we can look at online time recording in the near future.”
  • We have reintroduced time books for all staff and record any extra hours worked in our payroll system to review quarterly."

These changes gave Lisa and her payroll officer more confidence that should Fair Work investigate or any employee query their wages and entitlements; they have structure in place to provide them with the appropriate information.

The MTA’s team of Workplace Relations specialists developed the ‘Paying your staff correctly’ workshop to enable owners, managers and payroll staff to:

  • Understand the interaction between contracts and Awards.
  • Correctly classify employees under Awards.
  • Draw up legally compliant contracts of employment.
  • Correctly calculate wages and salary.
  • Understand and apply leave and other entitlements.
  • Understand record-keeping requirements.
  • Understand and correctly calculate termination payments.

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