The MTA is committed to advancing the interest of our members and industry with local, state, territory and national governments and with many other industry stakeholders.

Our purpose is to reduce the skills shortage, grow the industry and energise a grass roots network of automotive professionals so they can invest and grow their business with confidence.

The MTA SA/NT is the automotive association that fights for you – the business owner. We engage local, state and national governments as well as other industry stakeholders to help make your business better.

  • Reducing the skills shortage in the automotive industry
  • Securing fair access to technical repair information
  • Defending the industry from unfair franchise agreements
  • Levelling the playing field so that businesses doing the right thing are not disadvantaged
  • Protecting the industry from unnecessary and harmful changes in legislation
  • Identifying, supporting and grounding a grass roots network of automotive professionals to campaign for changes that benefit your business

The MTA will take up the fight for you to allow you to get on with running your business. We will take your issues to the corridors of power to make sure today’s legislation and policy doesn’t hurt tomorrow’s bottom line.

To see a list of past submissions, click here.

When things get tough, the MTA SA/NT has your back!

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