Automotive Electrical Technician

Have a passion for cars and cutting-edge technology? Pursue a rewarding career as an Automotive Electrical Technician, where you'll specialise in electronic systems and focus on diagnosing and repairing advanced electrical setups.

AUR30320 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology

As an Automotive Electrical Technician, you'll become skilled at learning how to diagnose and repair electronic powertrains, electric drivelines and vehicle stability control systems, including all on-board vehicle management. The automotive industry's shift towards using on-board computer systems means there's a strong demand for technicians who understand tomorrow's advanced automotive technology.

Specialist Skills:
  • Utilising the most advanced electronic diagnostic equipment, to diagnose and repair on-board computer-controlled systems, optimise efficiency and performance.
  • Learning essential skills for working on Electric Vehicles, preparing for future job opportunities.
  • Diagnosing and fixing engine management systems.
  • Testing and repairing various electrical systems including lighting, instrumentation, ignition, fuel injection, stability control systems and CAN BUS systems.

As South Australia's only dedicated automotive industry training provider, the MTA gives you the skills, training and industry access to prepare you for your automotive career.

There are two ways you can complete your qualification with the MTA:

  • Become employed by us and we'll find you a host business for you to work for
  • Gain an apprenticeship on your own and do your training at South Australia's most progressive automotive training facility

If you're over 21 years old, please read MTA's Adult Apprenticeship Policy prior to completing an application.


To enrol in our Automotive Electrical Technology program at the MTA, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Year 11 or higher
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Successful completion of MTA’s pre-selection test and interview

Our Automotive Electrical Technology program follows a competency-based training approach with a standard duration of four years.

This program is also available for the following qualified technicians:

  • Heavy Vehicle Technician
  • Light Vehicle Technician
  • Agricultural Mechanical Technician
  • Mobile Plant Technician

Upon graduation, you'll unlock diverse employment opportunities in the automotive industry. Potential career pathways include:

  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Automotive repair workshops
  • Fleet operators
  • Engineering companies
  • Government departments with vehicle maintenance workshops
  • Owner operator – Business owner
  • Pathway into the Electric vehicle industry

Ready to kickstart your automotive electrical career? Apply now and open doors to exciting opportunities in the automotive industry!

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