Established in 1926, the Motor Trade Association of SA/NT has a rich history of contributing to the growth and development of one of South Australia and the Northern Territory’s most important industry sectors.

Looking forward, the MTA is committed to our members and ensuring the industry continues to thrive.

For more than ninety years, the Motor Trade Association of South Australia and Northern Territory has been here to protect and grow the automotive retail, service and repair sector.

Established in 1926 as the Garage Proprietors & Petrol Retailers Association of SA, the MTA has a rich history of contributing to the growth and development of one of South Australia’s most important industry sectors.

As the automotive industry has grown, so have we, adopting the "Motor Trade Association of South Australia" (MTA) brand in 1986 to reflect the size and scale of the interests the Association represents.

In 1983 the MTA established the Group Training Scheme to provide training and employment services to the industry and opportunities to young people looking for a rewarding career in the automotive trades. Starting with just seven apprentices, today we train and employ more than 900 apprentices.

In 2019 the MTA commenced offering services and Workplace Relations training to Members in the Northern Territory.

While some of the issues facing the industry may have changed, the MTA SA/NT’s commitment to our members and our dedication to ensuring that they don’t just survive but continue to thrive in an ever changing industry, remains.

As we look to the future, the MTA SA/NT will continue to play a leading role in ensuring automotive businesses navigate and make the most of these changes.

Whatever the challenge, the MTA SA/NT is your partner in protecting and growing your business and the industry as a whole.