Paying Your Staff Correctly

Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Public event

Are you paying your staff correctly? Are you sure? One of the most difficult and technical issues facing businesses is making sure their employees are paid correctly! This is a complicated area of industrial law that can have unforgiving consequences for mistakes. Your business needs to ensure you have the skills and expertise to protect your business and Save TIME and MONEY. This workshop will support managers and payroll administrators with managing: • Prepare contracts • Award coverage • Classification of employees • Award obligations • Salaries and Hourly rates • Non-financial benefits • Calculate Leave Accruals • Calculate varying rates of pay • Paid and Unpaid Leave • Public Holidays • Commission Payments • Offsetting of overpayments • Long Service Leave (State or Federal) • Superannuation • Pay Cycle Obligations • Time Sheet Obligations • Authorised Deductions • Pay Slip regulations • Salary Reconciliations • Independent Contractors • Worker’s Compensation claims • Underpayment claims • Termination Payments • Redundancies

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