Host an apprentice

As South Australia's largest and only dedicated automotive Group Training Organisation (GTO), a MTA apprentice provides businesses with value, flexibility and peace of mind.

If you need an apprentice, but don’t want to deal with the issues of employing one, the MTA will take care of the red-tape.

Becoming an industry host takes all the worry out of employing an apprentice.

Hosting a MTA apprentice in South Australia gives you:

Value: The full cost of hosting a MTA apprentice or trainee is tax deductable and there are no recruitment costs, reducing paperwork and allowing you to focus on running your business

Flexibility: The ability to return the apprentice to the MTA should you experience an unexpected downturn of work or other issues along the way.

Peace of mind: MTA apprentices have a genuine interest in the industry and the many career pathways available.

Support: With a dedicated Automotive Business Specialist visiting your premises every eight weeks and on call, you are never alone on your apprentice employment journey

“I can confidently say that hosting an apprentice through the MTA is the best way to do it."
Roly McCreanor – Roly’s Automotive Services

The Motor Trade Association Group Training Scheme (MTA GTS) remains the legal employer for the full term of the contract of training and is responsible for WorkCover, superannuation, annual and sick leave, wages, payroll tax, training fees and tool allowance.

Apprentices are equipped with their own tools (if required), overalls and personal protective equipment.

The host employer is only charged for the apprentice’s time on-the-job, meaning that trade school, annual leave, sick days and public holidays are not invoiced.

Apprentices and host employers are visited every two months and a progress report is completed ensuring that all of the competencies required for the relevant vocation are being completed in the workplace and that any issues or concerns from either party are addressed.

For more information contact the MTA Group Training Scheme 8241 0522 or email