Navigating lockdown and beyond

Public news

As a state, the measures taken to control the delta variant in SA, while harsh, have hopefully spared us from a longer term lockdown.

A significant proportion of MTA members were afforded the privilege of essential worker status, but many either weren’t included in that directive or chose to shut as it wasn’t a viable business option.

Every business has been affected differently and is navigating their way through finding a COVID-normal in different ways also.

“When you’re a dealership with 14 staff across different areas, and the lockdown states mechanical could be open but other staff would be forced to take their holidays, we wanted to be fair across the board so chose to close,” said Todd Quigley of High Quality Car Sales.

“We’re going to go for the one-off emergency cash grant, but even though staff are on annual leave it’s still money out of our pocket.

“We kept our leads open and ads online with a salesman controlling that from home, so a few customers have returned back now.”

It was a similar story for businesses that offer several services not deemed essential, grinding work to a halt.

“We remained open for tyres, but as four-wheel drive accessories weren’t included in the directive, we were pretty much at a stalemate all week,” explained Troy McCade of Adelaide TyrePower.

“We cancelled our bookings for lockdown but are now back to full speed again and just need to work with the new rules, which 99% of customers are understanding of.”

With the lockdown now over, rules around masks have been introduced and as restrictions continue to ease, it will mean businesses need to work with the public to keep SA safe.

“Everyone interprets directives differently which unfortunately creates grey areas, but we’re following the rules around masks in face-to-face scenarios and the public have been receptive to QR Codes and following the rules,” said Todd.

These rules are continually updated on our COVID-19 Business Portal, along with clarification on government assistance and access to signage resources to use in your place of work.