Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for MTA members

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South Australia is currently under Level 1 restrictions, with some additional requirements. These are:

  • 3 people per 4 square metres (3/4) density for seated activities.
  • Must take reasonable steps to maintain 1.5 m physical distancing.
  • Contact tracing required (other than in-home health services).
  • Retail requires an approved contact tracing system.
  • Where food and beverages are being served:
  • No communal food or beverage areas are permitted.

Additional requirements

  • 1 person per 2 square metres (1/2) density for non-seated activities
  • 1 person per 4 square metres (1/4) density for indoor fitness facilities
  • Seated food and beverage consumption only
  • COVID Management Plans required for events of more than 1,000 people
  • Shisha ban
  • Private activity cap: 10 (private activities at residential premises, including residents of residential premises)
  • Private activity cap: 50 (private activities at non-residential premises)
    • Note: a private activity event (including a wedding or funeral) at a licensed premises is 3 people per 4 square metres.
  • Masks in high risk settings
  • Masks in personal care services (except for the person receiving the service, if necessary for the provision of the personal care service)
  • Masks in health care services (except for the person receiving the service, if necessary for the provision of the health care service)
  • Masks in passenger transport services
  • Masks in indoor fitness facilities (except while exercising)
  • Masks in shared indoor public places (except bridal parties during ceremonies)
  • Restrictions on dancing and singing


Masks (covering the mouth and nose) are required in:

  • High risk settings
  • Personal care services (but not by the customer if it inhibits the service)
  • Health care services
  • Passenger transport services
  • Indoor fitness facilities (except while exercising)
  • Shared indoor public places

A requirement that a person wear a face mask does not apply to a person:

  • if they have a relevant medical condition, including problems with their breathing, a serious condition of the face, a disability or a mental health condition (Evidence of a relevant medical condition must be produced on request)
  • in circumstances where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication, such as to enable communication by or with any patron who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • in circumstances where removal of the mask is lawfully required for identification purposes
  • when the person is eating or drinking
  • if the person is a child under 12 years of age
  • if the person is carrying out functions as an authorised worker and it is not possible to properly carry out those functions with a mask on.

This means in businesses where employees come into contact with the public/customers, mask wearing is mandatory.

Examples can include a mechanical workshop reception area, a dealership showroom and inside a service station.

More information can be found here

MTA staff are on hand now to answer any questions from members on 8291 2000.

Members are reminded that if you or your staff have any symptoms, you must get tested immediately and self-isolate until you have received a result.

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