Importance of My Profiling

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How often have you asked a student, “So, what did you learn in trade school this week?”, only to get the response, “not much”, leaving you concerned if they did actually learn anything. If you dig a little deeper, you may find they have actually learnt quite a lot.

The My Profiling site or smartphone app is our way of helping to improve evidence based training for apprentices who train through our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and allows you as a business, either hosting or employing an apprentice, to track their progress.

My Profiling allows:

  • You to track in real time your apprentice’s progress, completed tasks and up to date MTA Trainer activity
  • You to access this information online through your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Employers, supervisors and MTA trainers to access and monitor your apprentice’s real-time progress

However, while at work, it is important that apprentices are filling in the details, demonstrating their learning, into their My Profiling system and Trainers are available to help show them how this is done if they need a reminder.

Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology apprentice, employed by Alltrac 4WD, Alek Stead said, “It’s easy to use.”

“In the first year of my apprenticeship, I didn’t think it was important but now I see it helps provide evidence to get qualified. At the end of my apprenticeship, if there’s nothing in the system, it won’t paint a good picture about what I’ve learnt in my training. If something goes missing on paper and it’s up to date in My Profiling, I can provide the evidence.”

“My boss can see what I’m learning in class and what I need to get checked off in the workshop. He allocates time for me to do this every week and it helps keep my apprenticeship on track.”

Apprentices should typically be putting in four entries per month into My Profiling demonstrating their practical and theory work. When an apprentice does this, hosts and employers will receive an email that explains the unit or module they have completed.

This is important because rather than just ‘ticking a box’ that shows the apprentice has completed units, there are places in My Profiling to add evidence that proves they have completed the required tasks. This is your way as a host or an employer to keep up to date with exactly what they are learning and how they are progressing. It also ensures that if an apprentice’s supervisor at your business leaves, a new supervisor can easily log into the apprentice’s My Profiling system and see the evidence of what they have learnt to date and attend to tasks that still need to be completed on the job.

MTA Apprentice, Caleb Grigg said, “It’s important to me that I get signed off at the end of my four year apprenticeship.”

“When I fill it in, the tasks essential to my apprenticeship can easily be accepted in the system by the foreman at work.”

Hosts and employers are encouraged to get involved in your apprentice’s learning and the use of My Profiling.

Click here to get a User’s Guide to My Profiling.

If you have any questions in relation to My Profiling or our training, click here to contact the Royal Park Training and Employment Centre.