Recognition of Prior Learning

Through a 3 Step process the MTA’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program in SA supports automotive tradespeople to have their skills, knowledge, education, training and experience assessed towards attaining units of competency in various qualifications.

Make sure you are qualified!

MTA’s RTO Accredited Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program in SA, allows automotive tradespersons to have their trade skills and knowledge assessed and formally recognised as competent, enabling further qualifications to be granted.

Skills and knowledge may have been gained through any combination of formal or informal training and education, work experience or general life experience.

Through MTA’s RPL Application process, your skills and knowledge will be assessed towards attainting units of competency in the following qualifications:

  • AUR20220 - Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology
  • AUR20520 - Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
  • AUR30620 - Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • AUR31120 - Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • AUR32120 - Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology
  • AUR32420 - Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology
  • AUR30420 - Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology
  • AUR31420 - Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology
  • AUR30320 - Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology
  • AUR31020 - Certificate III in Automotive Sales
  • AUR31820 - Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology
  • AUR31220 - Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology
There are 3 steps

To discuss the requirements and process of gaining Recognition of Prior Learning, please contact the MTA to speak with an Assessor.

If you are eligible for assessment, there are three steps involved:

STEP 1 - Application ($220.00)

  • Initial interview
  • Advice and/or assistance in regards to additional evidence which may be required
  • Determination whether RPL or gap training is appropriate

If the Assessor determines that the evidence provided as well as the additional evidence which could be gathered is not sufficient or that the evidence does not align with the course requirements the Assessor will discuss and assist in the development of an appropriate training plan.

If the Assessor determines that the evidence provided and subsequent additional evidence is sufficient, the participant will go onto Step 2 to gain assessment of each individual unit.

STEP 2 - Assessment ($150.00 per unit - up to 36 units)

The Assessment is based on the units in the qualifications listed above.

MTA’s assessment process includes:

  • RPL kit which includes competency outlines and elements
  • Self-Assessment Guide
  • RPL Assessment
  • Additional evidence assessment such as practical demonstration, contacting employers etc.
  • One re-evaluation

STEP 3 – Outcome

On finishing an assessment (or number of assessments), the MTA will provide you with one of the following outcomes:

  • A Statement of Attainment for the units that you have been assessed as competent for and that do not equal a full qualification. These may be used as credit toward gaining a full qualification.
  • Identified gap or bridging training plan which the MTA will assist in delivering training for (additional charges apply).
  • A full qualification.
  • The evidence provided does not align sufficiently with the course requirements resulting in no formal recognition by the Assessor.

For further information on Recognition of Prior Learning, contact the MTA.

Phone 8241 0522


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