Serious incidents prompt NT WorkSafe to warn workers to conduct risk assessments

Public news

Two serious incidents were reported in September 2020 prompting NT WorkSafe to warn workers about the importance of conducting risk assessments before doing potentially dangerous tasks.

One incident required emergency surgery after a worker suffered serious injuries to his forearm. A forklift tipping over while lifting something resulted in the next incidents.

In both incidents, no risk assessment was completed prior to them occurring and NT WorkSafe advised in their statement “the equipment used may not have been the most suitable for the task at hand.”

“A risk assessment would have highlighted the appropriateness of the equipment used.

“All workers are reminded they have a duty under the Northern Territory’s work health and safety legislation to take reasonable care of their own health and safety.”

Contact the MTA WR team with any queries surrounding risk assessments or notifiable incidents on 8291 2000 or