Sound knowledge of Workplace Relations can keep you out of hot water

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Workplace Relations is an essential, all-encompassing part of running a business. Countless cases within the media show small and large organisations that have not set up employee contracts properly, incorrectly applied awards, or that have mishandled performance management and discipline of staff members at great costs to their business.

It is important to note that the Fair Work Commission, courts and tribunals will often rule in favour of an employee or ex-employee if the employer cannot provide evidence to support their argument, as the employer is considered to be in a position of power.

Over 31,000 applications were submitted to the Fair Work Commission alone in 2018-2019, with 92% of these obtaining an outcome (either resolution or an order) within this period. Correct Workplace Relations practices are not only important to businesses for financial reasons; empowering employees with the knowledge of what is expected of them can make for a more effective workplace.

When new to her role as HR and Training Coordinator, Adrienne Crouch of Tatiara Truck & Trailer recognised the importance of training herself. She explored MTA’s suit of training to get as much training under her belt as possible, so that she could complete her role effectively.

“We are MTA Members, so I used the MTA as a place to start to look for available training. Everything was helpful within the Workplace Relations course as it was new to me. I often refer back to my notes.

Adrienne has applied her learnings within her role from the Workplace Relations training. Two important subjects covered were “performance management and disciplinary actions, and awards and classifications”

“The training was also a networking exercise as I contact the MTA team for advice.”

The MTA Workplace Relation team offers support to MTA Members on Workplace Relations and Industrial Relations issues. This team of professionals are up to date on government changes to awards and government regulations relating to Workplace Relations. MTA Members are encouraged to contact the Workplace Relations team when they need support so that they do not find themselves facing underpayment claims because the incorrect award was applied or unfair dismissal claims because the correct process was not taken and they have a lack of submittable evidence to support their position.

If you need to update your knowledge of current Workplace Relations practices or are new to Workplace Relations book in for the MTA’s next Workplace Relations training on Wednesday 21st October by clicking here.

“The course was easy to understand and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions if I didn’t understand. I found it beneficial.” Adrienne Crouch, Tatiara Trucks & Trailers.

For Membership enquiries to receive support from our Workplace Relations’ team and more contact 8291 2000 or