Why I-CAR training matters!

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The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) in December revealed that 75 per cent of their members, “regard safety as the most important factor when buying or leasing a vehicle.”

The SMDI estimated that more than 65 advanced high-strength steel vehicles debuted last year and more are on their way in 2019.

The institute defines high-strength steel as anything with a yield strength of 500 mega pascals and ultra-high strength steels with tensile strength of 780 mega pascals or more.

To demonstrate the percentages of high strength steel being found in just a handful of vehicles that will be released this year, see the list below:

2019 Jeep Cherokee: 65% high strength steel

2019 KIA Forte: 54% high strength steel

2019 Volkswagen Jetta: 35% ultra-high strength hot formed steel, 12% ultra-high strength steel and 39% extra high strength steel.

2019 Acura RDX: More than 50% high strength steel

2019 Hyundai Sante Fe: 67% high strength steel, an increase of 14% over the outgoing Sante Fe sport.

These figures have ramifications for the crash repair sector as newer vehicles are built to increasingly higher safety standards and highlights the need for OEM repair procedures to be adhered to more than ever. As OEMs look towards higher grades of steel and advanced assembly methods, the industry must be aware of the need to respond appropriately to these repair procedures.

With many OEMs internationally using I-CAR welding programs as their approved certifications, this accreditation ensures that consumer vehicles are repaired to the correct OEM standards.

It is essential for quality standards, warranty obligations and to stay relevant to the automotive industry that your business completes I-CAR training.

From 1 January this year, the recertification for I-CAR steel welding will be required every three years and every two years for I-CAR aluminium welding.

This change brings both programs in line with the vast majority of OEM standards. It is important to note however that for welding technicians who have a current I-CAR (WCSA3) Steel Welding Certification, that five year certification period will remain.

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