WHS inductions are a must!

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A Work Health & Safety (WHS) Workplace Induction is an important step when a new worker commences for the first time in a new environment. This induction will assist the worker become familiar with the workplace safety processes and surroundings.

A WHS Workplace Induction might involve an informal, unscheduled walk around the site, or a formal planned induction with all new workers commencing their employment in a new workplace. The induction will usually cover a wide range of Work Health & Safety issues, including the health and safety responsibilities of the employer and the employees as well as the employer’s processes for reporting incidents and hazards in the workplace, WHS inspections and its emergency and first aid procedures.

Below are some examples of WHS processes that may be covered in a MTA Workplace Induction Program:

  • Housekeeping Requirements
  • Hazardous Tasks
  • Personal Protective Equipment / Eye Safety (PPE)
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Plant and Equipment Safety
  • First Aid and Incident Reporting
  • Manual Handling Techniques
  • Fire Wardens, Emergency Evacuation Procedure and Assembly Area
  • Smoking / Mobile Phone / Bullying & Harassment Policies
  • Where fire extinguishers are located
  • Who to report safety issues to
  • How to report safety issues
If you require any assistance in conducting WHS Workplace Inductions please contact the MTA’s WHS & RTW Coordinator, Cos Lamberto, by clicking here.