Updating employee manuals

Public news

The WR Department’s Workplace Relations Coordinator recently spent a day out with a member in the Riverland to assist with their WHS and IR / HR practices and update their employee manuals. This is a new service offered to members in order to provide extra support with implementation, review and assistance to control their WHS & IR / HR system requirements.

Small to medium sized businesses are often operated by individuals who are undertaking more than one role in the company and are generally working in the workshop or maintaining the daily business functions for the majority of the day. This does not leave much time to set up or maintain compliant WHS or IR / HR processes.

This new service includes:

Full day, on site attendance by one of our Workplace Relations Specialists.

Review of current workplace policies and procedures.

Undertaking of a gap analysis of WHS & IR / HR documentation, policies procedures and practices.

Assistance with implementation and ongoing monitoring of system usage.

Ongoing advice on best practice WHS & IR / HR systems.

This new service is offered to members at the rate of $880 for the day. If you would be interested in this service, please contact the Workplace Relations team by clicking here or by calling 8291 2000.