Unlicensed operator prosecutions

Public news

The MTA has continued to receive multiple reports of unlicensed operators over the last two months.

These reports have included two individuals selling second-hand vehicles without a license and one possible ‘backyard’ dismantler operator in a South Australian regional area, potentially flouting environmental and WHS laws.

The MTA has taken these reports very seriously, forwarding them onto the relevant authorities including SAPOL and their local councils. It is important moving forward in 2019 that we continue the great work seen last year which saw the successful prosecution of numerous unlicensed operators and substantial fines being issued.

If you believe someone is running a ‘backyard operation’ or operating without the appropriate license, click here to email the MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves who will forward on the details to the authorities.

Backyard operators do not provide the essential protections needed to protect consumers and the MTA remains committed to increasing awareness of this issue.

Click here to read about what constitutes a backyard operator.