Trust your local mechanic!

Public news

In a national survey conducted by Australian market research company, The Klein Partnership (TKP), it has been revealed that 85% of car owners claimed to personally trust the skill and expertise of their local automotive repair workshop and remain loyal to their mechanic.

The highlights from the national survey also show that 78% of respondents say that it is important to maintain a good relationship with their local mechanic and that consumers should retain their decision to choose their own repairer.

TKP Director Ron Klein says the results of the consumer survey show the growth opportunities for independent repairers saying, “Consumers definitely trust and feel much more comfortable using local repairers with whom they have established relationships, with trust being the factor that overrides all others, including cost, shiny new premises, coffee machines and loan cars.”

The MTA has long held the position that consumers should have the right to choose their own repairer and will continue to advocate on behalf of Auto Repair and Engineering members and Body Repair members when they find themselves up against an insurance company steering their valued customers somewhere else.

If you are finding yourself up against an insurance company doing the wrong thing, do not hesitate to contact the MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back by clicking here.