MTA member facilitating a good return to work outcome

Public news

A heavy vehicle (HV) first year apprentice suffered a left shoulder injury as a result of opening a truck cabin manually with another worker. The apprentice received immediate first aid onsite before being taken to the local medical centre for further examination.

After some further investigations, the HV apprentice was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury and was certified unfit for work for a period of eight weeks. After some physiotherapy treatment and rest, the apprentice was ready to return to work on work-hardening duties to assist with the rehabilitation in making a full recovery.

After some discussions with the HV apprentice, MTA Member, Trueline Truck Repair Centre & Wheel Aligners (Trueline) and the MTA’s RTW Coordinator, it was identified that a gradual return to work plan could be accommodated at Trueline and that the suitable work hardening duties were immediately available for the HV apprentice to commence.

As a result of Trueline’s commitment and support to providing suitable short term work hardening return to work duties, the HV apprentice is well on her way to making a full recovery and completing her apprenticeship.

It is fantastic to see that there is a support for a return to work culture in employers these days where the focus is on what the injured worker can do rather than focusing on what they cannot do!

The MTA works with a number of people to get apprentices back into the workplace after an injury.

If you have an apprentice or other employees that need help, contact the MTA’s WHS&RTW Coordinator by clicking here.