Transport Forum last week

Public news

On Wednesday last week, the MTA attended the Transport Ministerial Forum which provided the opportunity to discuss with Minister Stephan Knoll the need for a continued focus on skills training, harmonisation of laws between states and the need to further progress in relation to many divisional issues that we have put before him where it benefits industry and consumers in SA.

The Minister expressed his support for harmonisation as well as eliminating barriers for automotive businesses within DPTI that many members are facing. While the Minister expressed that any changes would take some time, he did confirm that positive changes are on the way.

There was also a lot of discussion on the skills shortages that the automotive industry in South Australia is facing and ways in which industry can work together and with the State Government to increase the number of entrants into the industry.

One of these ways is through school pathways and providing careers advice that leads to meaningful work, not just qualification that often lead to little or no job prospects.

The MTA will continue our discussions with the Minister and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and we will keep you all informed of developments.

To discuss anything that you would like raised in our advocacy, click here to contact Industry Policy Specialist Nathan Robinson.