Latest MTA Training Evaluation results are critical to our continuous improvement program

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Apprentices from all trades and training sites in our programs frequently undertake surveys to better understand their experiences in relation to the quality of MTA trainers, classroom learning and our facilities.

Training Evaluations are just one of a number of ways we gain a greater understanding of where we can improve our training outcomes for apprentices. The results are gathered from apprentices from all year levels, trades and locations so that we can compare results against past and future Trainer Evaluations, identifying where improvements can be made.

In our most recent Training Evaluation, 405 apprentices provided feedback in relation to key aspects such as trainer knowledge, the mix of theory and practical, our training flexibility and quality, and access to relevant training equipment and learning materials.

Responses from apprentices ranged from 1 (strongly disagree) to 4 (strongly agree) and were allocated as shown below:

  • The Trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject and content – 3.8
  • The Trainer explained things clearly – 3.7
  • The Trainer made the subject as interesting as possible – 3.7
  • The Trainer gave me constructive feedback – 3.7
  • Overall, I was satisfied with the Trainer – 3.8
  • The training had a good mix of theory and practical – 3.5
  • The training had access to equipment and training materials to complete the tasks – 3.6
  • The training and assessment was flexible enough to meet my needs – 3.7
  • Overall, I was satisfied with the equipment, facilities and materials – 3.4
  • Total Average – 3.6

These results will help us greatly in understanding where we can improve apprentice learning, reinforcing the MTA as the largest dedicated industry automotive apprentice training provider in South Australia.

There were a number of comments in the survey including the following:

In relation to satisfaction with equipment, facilities and materials, one respondent said, “More diagnostics if more time was available.”

Another said, “Include new training aids for various units, such as EBS and emissions controls.”

Other responses included a call for more practical work and exposure to a broader range of vehicles. Another notable response said, “Good examples of what to expect in real world situations.”

We will continue our Training Evaluation surveys and we look forward to improving our service to you and your apprentices.

If you have any questions in relation to the above evaluation or anything related to the MTA’s RTO, click here to contact our Training and Employment Centre.