Tow truck cost modelling

Public news

A major review of tow truck cost modelling is currently underway and we are requesting your feedback on any pricing component matters that are not already considered by the current modelling. Your feedback will be considered as part of an MTA response to the State Government with a substantial submission to be made on behalf of all members.

It’s important that we are involved in cost modelling so that members have a voice in determining prices that can be charged under the regulations.

Tow Truck Cost Modelling is detailed in our PDF document, which you can access by clicking here. This document contains information on what the current tow rate is based on and we encourage you to closely examine the factors that determine price modelling in order to form a basis for your feedback.

Additionally, The Tow Truck Model Parameters workbook includes the amounts used in the last review (2019). You can access these parameters by clicking here.

Please Note, these factors are considered only for establishing the Accident Towing Roster Scheme Fees for the Prescribed Areas within the Accident Towing Regulations (2015) under the Motor Vehicles Act (1959).

Members are reminded that these do not determine market rates for towing, storage and quotation for services provided outside the regulated environment.

Please feel free to contact Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back, by clicking here if you have any questions or would like any further information. The last day to provide feedback to Paul is Wednesday, 26 February.