Top Class Body Repair facilitates great RTW outcome for apprentice

Public news

An Automotive Body Repair Technology Apprentice suffered an aggravation of a lumbar back strain as a result of continuous bending whilst removing a radiator from a vehicle.

The apprentice received immediate first aid treatment on site and was then referred to the local medical centre and a medical treatment plan was implemented.

After some minimal time off work, the apprentice was medically cleared to perform modified vehicle body repair duties commencing on reduced hours with a gradual increase over a period of 4 – 6 weeks whilst undergoing intense physiotherapy treatment.

After some discussions with the apprentice, Host Employer and the MTA RTW Coordinator, it was identified that the Gradual Return to Work (RTW) Plan could be accommodated at the Host Employer and the suitable duties were immediately available for the apprentice to commence.

As a result to the Host Employer’s commitment and support to provide suitable short term work hardening return to work duties, the apprentice was able to make a swift recovery and return to pre-injury duties as per the RTW Plan.

It is fantastic to see that there is a support for a return to work culture in employers these days where the focus is on what the injured worker can do rather than focusing on what they cannot do!

Well done Top Class Body Repairs for a top class return to work!

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