Tiered licencing and fees for Service Stations

Public news

We have had considerable discussions and communication with the State Government and Ministerial offices, challenging the EPA’s new licence for cost recovery associated with site monitoring for contamination, caused by leaking or decaying underground petroleum storage systems.

Whilst we have not been successful in challenging the licence in its entirety, we have been given the opportunity to have a say in how the fee will be structured. The sustainability of our member businesses has been at the forefront throughout all discussions.

We have proposed a tiered system that is dependent on the number of sites that fall into each tier and it is hoped that this structure will create more of a “user pays” system.

We have also suggested that the fee be invoiced in arrears instead of advance. This provides two advantages:

  • a more accurate representation of annual litre age would be supplied
  • and MTA members would have an extra year to pay

We will remain in contact with the EPA at a senior level and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

If Service Station members have any questions about the EPA, licence fees or our proposed tier structure, click here to contact your Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves.