The next Federal Government must listen to the industry

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The Federal Election is approaching fast and we will all need to determine who is likely to support the best vision for the future of our industry.

Currently, the Australian automotive industry’s greatest risk is filling the current 35,000 positions for qualified automotive technicians and specialists, properly planning for technology and innovation and qualifications and job creation to service a changing national fleet that is approaching 20 million vehicles.

The MTAA is calling on the next Federal Government to commit to serious policy reform in partnership with the MTAA, state based associations and their members through its Federal Election position paper, Keeping Australia Moving. This paper highlights the priorities of training, skills and mentoring, building better business environments, policy and regulatory reform and better infrastructure.

Click here or the image below to access the paper.

Keeping Australia Moving calls for:

  • Recognition and support of industry training providers as the nation’s largest employers of automotive apprentices and trainees
  • Reintroduce and properly fund ongoing industry specific mentoring programs to retain apprentices and trainees – particularly those from high risk groups
  • Addressing competition and consumer issues with rapid introduction of Mandated Codes of Conduct for accessing service and repair information; franchised dealership agreements and motor body repair
  • Improve policy and regulatory outcomes by reducing the number of small business definitions and ensure consistency; investigate better aligned State and Federal regulations in terms of licensing, registration, repair and retailing
  • An innovative policy and regulations to properly deal with the 800,000 vehicles coming off Australian roads each year
  • Abolition of the Luxury Car Tax, the opening of debate about the sustainability of fuel excise and other automotive related taxes, and transparency about potential future charging models.