Takata Airbags

Public news

The MTA fielded some questions on ABC Radio recently, responding to customers who felt they hadn’t received sufficient communication from franchise dealers regarding vehicles fitted with Takata airbags, probably those under Future Recall.

The takeaway from this interview was that there seems to be some confusion amongst the public in relation to Dealer obligations under the Takata Recall.

As you are probably aware, Future Recall vehicles are safe for customers to drive for a long time to come, but the inflator will need to be replaced as soon as the part becomes available. It is up to the manufacturer to contact the vehicle owner at this time.

The MTA suggests that dealers handle the situation with customers in the following way:

  • Direct the customer to the manufacturer’s website. Each manufacturer has detailed information and easy to understand Frequently Asked Questions on their websites.
  • Ask them to use the VIN lookup tool to see for themselves the status of their vehicle (most will be under Future Recall).
  • Tell the customer that the manufacturer will be in contact with them as soon as the replacement inflator becomes available.
  • Remind the customer that it could be up to December 2020 before vehicles under Future Recall have their inflators replaced and that there are Priority Factors in place to ensure that vehicles posing the most risk (for example, older models) are attended to first.
  • Urge customers to make sure that their contact details are up to date with the manufacturer. Dealers can do this on their behalf or they can very quickly do it themselves on the manufacturer’s website.

This should produce two positive outcomes: clarity for your customers and more efficient use of your own resources.

For any queries regarding the Takata Airbag Recall please contact Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves by clicking here.