Support services for automotive apprentices

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The MTA is continuing to work with apprentices, hosts and employers to help meet challenges and push through any barriers that students are encountering and our Student Support Officer, Melissa Clark, has a passion for seeing apprentices succeed.

Mel said, “I have spent many years building up relationships with support networks that can help apprentices suffering with anxiety and depression, drugs and alcohol, bullying and abuse, finances and barriers in learning difficulties in the classroom and workshop.”

“It’s not just our Group Training apprentices that I help. I am also available to help your own apprentices who train through our Registered Training Organisation to overcome barriers in completing their training and apprenticeship. Your apprentice can get a referral to me through our RTO.”

Mel says that confidence and anxiety remain two of the biggest problems that she sees in new apprentices. Mel said, “These are huge issues that apprentices deal with on a daily basis. A new job and an automotive workplace can be overwhelming for them and I’m here to help apprentices who are identified as suffering from these issues to help them get over these hurdles.”

An important part of Mel’s role is also performance management of new MTA employed apprentices. Mel said, “I conduct performance management reviews in weeks four and eight for new MTA employed apprentices. This makes sure that issues are identified early on in their training and support measures are put in place at an early stage. This is so apprentices understand what is expected of them. I also work with MTA Trainers and Field Officers who provide valuable feedback on an apprentice’s progress to make sure your business is getting the most out of them.”

If you host a MTA apprentice or have an apprentice of your own who trains through the MTA that needs assistance in getting over hurdles in their training, Mel is available to help!

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