South Australia needs an electric vehicles strategy

Public news

The MTA is holding a Working Group on July 3 to discuss the State Government’s proposed Electric Vehicle Strategy and your input will be essential in giving the local automotive industry an integral part in SA’s electric vehicle future.

Click here to register for the Working Group to be held at MTA House, 81 Greenhill Road at 10am on July 3.

The State Government’s Targeted Industry Consultation Discussion Paper and Survey, To support the development of an Electric Vehicles Strategy for South Australia, addresses six themes that will have an impact our industry including:

  • Strengthening the local market
  • Raising awareness
  • Charging and refuelling infrastructure
  • Managing impacts to electricity supply
  • Capturing industry development opportunities
  • Supporting policy and regulation

You can access the State Government’s discussion paper and survey by clicking here.

The paper seeks feedback on the various challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid emergence of electric vehicles and it asks industry stakeholders to seriously consider the implications they will have on businesses and consumers.

Your involvement in our Working Group will help us better understand the risks that are involved moving forward with such a strategy and will form the basis of our feedback.

We will be seeking input from the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining, the Electric Vehicle Council and other key industry stakeholders. We will also be having one on one consultation with members in the next couple of weeks to gauge a better understanding of the risks and management of such a strategy.

The State Government’s consultation closes on July 11, which will enable us to collate member responses from the Working Group, which we strongly recommend you attend.