Do fake negative reviews or employees who are addicted to social media plague your business?

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Fake reviews on Google or Facebook and comments on social media can significantly affect a business. Sometimes these fake reviews or comments can come from disgruntled customers, but other times they are placed online by competitors, or simply influencers looking to damage your reputation.

Businesses can also struggle in dealing with the content that an employee shares or constantly checking their social media while at work.

To assist members in resolving cases like this, we are now providing social media training on 29 April, available for personal attendance at our Greenhill Road office or via online webinar.

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In a digital age where online reviews and social media are wired into our daily lives, it is essential that businesses have policies and procedures in place to deal with instances such as these.

The Federal Government is also developing a pilot external dispute resolution scheme, the outcomes of which will inform whether to establish a Digital Platforms Ombudsman to resolve complaints and disputes between digital platforms and individual consumers and small businesses using their services.

The government will assess the development and rollout of the pilot scheme over the course of this year, along with any parallel improvements in associated internal dispute resolutions processes. This will inform their consideration of the need for a broader external dispute resolution process, including a proposed Digital Platforms Ombudsman, in 2021.