Shop trading legislation defeated

Public news

After many months of advocacy by MTA members and staff, last week the legislation to deregulate shop trading hours in South Australia was voted down in the Upper House.

Thankyou to the MTA members who played a significant role in securing the defeat of this harmful legislation. It has certainly been a hard fought and significant victory highlighting that our industry is stronger together.

The State Liberal Government's election promise to deregulate South Australian shop trading hours was defeated 13 to 8 in the Upper House with 5 crossbenchers keeping their word and joining with the Opposition to vote down the legislation.

The voices of MTA members were heard by members of Parliament including the Honourable Frank Pangallo who said that he had consulted and engaged with many associations including the MTA saying, “The Motor Trade Association does not want deregulation. It says it will not be able to get staff to work on Sundays. Besides, buyers would not be able to drive away with a new or used car on Sundays anyway because transactions involving banks or government authorities like the motor registry are shut. There are genuine fears the price of vehicles will then rise to compensate for the additional costs.”

More than 2000 people signed the MTA’s petition last year in an effort to highlight the extent of those who did not want the deregulation of shop trading hours to occur. 87 per cent of MTA members had indicated they did not want deregulation of shop trading hours to occur.

Once again, the MTA would like to thank everyone who has provided their input and assistance in working together to reach this outstanding result.

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