Scams are still doing the rounds!

Public news

The MTA has been contacted by a number of Members over the last fortnight in relation to two scams that could damage your business.

Fake ASIC email

The scam is emailed to a business claiming to be from the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC) saying,

Dear Sir/Madam

The registration for your business, expired and ASIC has commenced cancellation. Please view the following link for more information:

Intent to cancel letter (hyperlinked)

Select this link to view, save or print the information. This link will remain active for 30 days.

If you have any questions, contact us at (also hyperlinked)


Rosanne Bell

Senior Executive Leader


Australian Securities and Investments Commission

If you receive this email, do not click on any of the links and delete it immediately. The ‘from’ address in the email may also contain a non-ASIC related person’s name, which is also a warning sign.

National Relay Service and fictitious towing company scam

The other scam is one which has done the rounds before, including a ‘customer’ claiming to be hearing impaired and requesting work to be carried out on their car, then requesting that the business pay a towing company on their behalf.

After making initial contact to request the repair work, the scammer will offer to pay money via a stolen credit card. They will ask the business to take an amount as a deposit to secure services to cover the cost of the payment to the towing or shipping company, for example, a $500 deposit and $1800 for the towing or shipping company.

Our advice to Members is:

Never pay money via wire transfer to help a customer access the goods or services you are selling.

Be cautious when dealing with overseas or interstate orders and independently verify who you are dealing with before sending money or goods. If doubtful, do not proceed with the order. Be skeptical if normal banking processes are not available.

When accepting a credit card payment, check with the card issuer for authorisation to avoid accepting stolen credit card details.

If you are aware of any other scams, or would like further information in relation to the above, please contact our Workplace Relations team by clicking here.