Scam watch!

Public news

A MTA member in Berri was lucky to escape a scam which is currently being seen in Western Australia.

The ‘tow truck’ scam is targeting vehicle repairers and the scammer known as ‘Isla White’ claims they are hearing impaired and can only communicate via email.

They are asking repairers to pay a tow truck bill and include the towing costs in the total repair costs. If members pay the ‘tow truck bill’, they will not hear from the scammer again.

For details of what the scam emails looks like, click here to access the MTA’s WA page which provides examples.

A reminder that if an email looks suspicious, do not open it.

The MTA has also been informed by SAPOL of a particularly convincing scam in operation in South Australia involving epay.

An operator has reported the following to SAPOL:

Two males in their early twenties driving a white Mitsubishi SUV with Victorian plates entered stores on Friday and Saturday last week.

They purchased $500 in epay vouchers for Flexipay, a monetary substitute.

One of the men distracted the console operator by asking directions to West Beach, and the other then manually entered credit card numbers on the PIN pad.

The two men are particularly convincing and all MTA members are reminded to be alert to this kind of activity and report immediately to SAPOL if it occurs.

If you have any concerns in regards to scams, contact the MTA by calling 8291 2000 or email our Industry Engagement Specialist Nathan Groves by clicking here.