SafeWork SA random inspections and impersonation of officers

Public news

We had a call from a member last week after Safework SA had completed a random inspection of his site.

An important thing to remember when you are visited by SafeWork SA is to ask for identification as there have been some reports in South Australia of individuals posing as SafeWork SA Officers to access and potentially scope out worksites.

Remember no identification, no entry! It’s a simple but very important reminder to members which can be neglected.

Thankfully, the member passed the inspection with flying colours and from a legitimate SafeWork SA Officer but it is a reminder that safety in your workplace requires constant attention to ensure compliance and before it was raised by the member, the Officer had initially presented no identification.

The MTA can help you prepare for a SafeWork SA inspection, which looks at vehicle hoists, fire extinguishers, evacuation maps, testing and tagging and safety processes, by doing an independent WHS Audit with a report and Improvement Plan to enable you to:

  • Identify what safety needs to be actioned within your workplace
  • Implement necessary safety improvements within your workplace
  • Protect yourself from breaches of WHS legislation
  • Provide a safe workplace for employees and customers

Our Workplace Relations team can provide you with all the tools required to not only ensure compliance but, of course, to ensure safety. Click here for more information.