SafeWork SA knocking on your door?

Public news

SafeWork SA will be conducting audits on work sites that have EWPs (Elevating Work Platforms) between January 2019 and June 2019 to ensure that they are properly maintained and compliant.

The upcoming audits will be applicable to EWPs that elevate above three metres, including scissor lift and boom type EWPs. These upcoming audits will not be applicable for car lifts.

The audits will be assessing the following key criteria:

  • Information for the operation and use of the EWP is available to the operator
  • Maintenance records are kept, maintained and up to date
  • Operators are, where necessary, licenced and competent (for example, via training, qualifications or experience the operator possess the knowledge and skill to operate in a safe manner and has knowledge of the relevant standards, legislation etc.)
  • Safety equipment and administrative controls are available, used and maintained
  • Operational controls are clearly marked and in good working order
  • Emergency controls are visible, operational and accessible
  • Pre-operational checks are carried out
  • The EWP is used in suitable locations and on suitable surfaces

As well as ensuring that the above criteria is complied with and readily available to your own employees, it must also be provided and ensured when any EWPs are hired out by your business.

All maintenance, inspections and repairs need to be undertaken regularly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations by a competent and licenced repairer.

It is of great importance then when EWPs are used by workers that the emergency controls are in a position that can be accessed easily. When a EWP is used, it is vital that the controls are not obscured by a wall or anything else that would impede access to the emergency controls.

Members who operate or hire out EWPs should contact our Workplace Relations team by clicking here, who can offer further information on compliance including a “EWP Safe Use Information Pack” and provide assistance with documentation such as a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

If you have any further questions regarding the above, please contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations team on 8291 2000 or by emailing us by clicking here.