Rotator Cuff tear injury

Public news

A MTA first year Heavy Vehicle Apprentice has recently reported a left Rotator Cuff tear injury whilst at work. The Apprentice suffered the injury when she was lifting a truck cab with another co-worker when it slipped, jarring the left shoulder.

The host was very quick to provide onsite first aid treatment and reported the injury to the MTA so the appropriate investigations and support could be provided to assist the apprentice with her rehabilitation and recovery back to work.

We worked with our insurer, the host and the treating General Practitioner who certified the apprentice fit to return to work on modified duties. The apprentice is recovering well and she is looking at a full recovery within six to eight weeks. It is great to see the host accommodate return to work and a positive environment for an apprentice!

Some general principles for reducing risks associated with manual handling are delivering staff training in correct manual handling techniques which can reduce manual handling injuries. These include:

  • Minimising the lifting and lowering forces exerted;
  • Avoiding the need for bending, twisting and reaching movements; and
  • Reducing pushing, pulling, carrying and holding.

Employees who perform manual handling tasks frequently should receive appropriate training at least every one to two years to maintain up to date knowledge and awareness on correct manual handling techniques in the workplace.

The MTA works with a number of people to get apprentices back into the workplace after an injury.

If you have an apprentice or other employees that need help or you are looking at providing manual handling training, please contact the MTA’s WHS & RTW Coordinator, Cos Lamberto by clicking here.