Risk assessments and first aid requirements

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When looking at what is required for a business, a risk assessment is required in order to determine what measures will need to be put in place. The First Aid Code of Practice suggests using a risk management approach to determining what will be needed to fulfill your first aid duties by looking at such things as:

  • The nature of the work conducted at the business
  • What workplace hazards are present
  • The size of the business, such as the distance between different work areas
  • The location of the business, in particular in relation to emergency services
  • The amount of staff, customers and visitors present
  • Any pre-existing illnesses or injuries for staff

After consideration of the above, you can then determine what type of first aid requirements will be required including:

  • The amount of first aid officers and first aid kits
  • Spill kits
  • Eye wash and/or shower equipment where workers are dealing with hazardous chemicals
  • Defibrillator where there is a risk of electrocution and likely to be a delay in ambulance arrival times
  • Increased number of eye pads where work consists of using machinery and/or chemicals.

A first-aid kit will need to be easily accessible and in a location that is made aware to all staff. First Aid Kits need to:

  • Have appropriate signage
  • Be large enough to neatly store all its contents
  • Be stocked with appropriate contents as required
  • Be regularly restocked where needed to ensure that bandages, eye cleaner etc. are not out of date

In addition to the above it is also a requirement that whenever first aid is administered for an injury that this recorded in an appropriate incident report form and that there is a first aid procedure in place that has been read and signed by all workers.

For businesses located in remote locations, it is also important that an appropriately trained first aid person is chosen in order to administer first aid effectively should an incident arise.

A nominated First Aid Officer will require accredited training which can be obtained from a few different organisations such as St Johns and CBD College in Adelaide.

If you require any help in regards to your first aid requirements or who to contact about receiving first aid training, please contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations Department on 8291 2000 or by clicking here.