Repairing vehicles with augmented reality

Public news

An Australian company, Tradiebot Industries, has launched augmented reality (AR) software that could spell a game changer for the automotive industry.

While not common place yet in the industry, Tradiebot Industries joins a list of companies such as BOSCH and Mercedes-Benz who have also ‘dipped their toes in the water’ in relation to augmented reality technology when it comes to the repair and servicing of vehicles.

The application by Tradiebot, WorxAR, is designed for Vehicle Technicians to primarily diagnose problems. Through the application, Vehicle Technicians will be able to locate defective parts and the application then tells them the best ways to repair that part and any other additional information a repairer may need to know before proceeding with a repair.

Click the video below to see the app in action.

Mario Dimoski, founder of Tradiebot has said the app could potentially sound “a game changer” for the automotive industry and has the potential to transform vehicle repair work, training and car servicing.

Kevin Woolerton, Director of Marketing at PPG, said, “This is the next evolution in how information is offered and a real boost to our industry that is struggling to maintain an upskilled workforce. This technology will allow the upskill of future technicians whilst also providing knowledge to technicians in digital format.”

It is certainly an exciting time for the automotive industry as new and innovative ways to diagnose and repair vehicles continue to emerge.