Recyclers tackling issues on a global scale

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Automotive recycling has been a focus around the country and globally recently. There are a few items that Automotive Dismantler Division members should be aware of.

MTAA signs a historic Memorandum of Cooperation with global automotive recycling associations

The MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back, attended the Australian Parts Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA) and the 2019 Hollander Recyclers Conference in Melbourne, where a number of Automotive Recyclers from South Australia were also in attendance.

The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) and the Auto Parts and Recycling Association of Australia (APRAA) initiated the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with other organisations as an outcome of an international roundtable held earlier this year in the United Kingdom.

The APRAA meeting was a good opportunity to learn about the Automotive Recycling Associations of Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and Malaysia signing the historic MoC to increase collaboration, enhance communication and provide a united global voice on behalf of Automotive Recyclers. You can access the APRAA Newsletter on the MoC by clicking here.

The MTAA and Auto Parts and Recycling Association of Australia (APRAA) collaborated for the MoC with global organisations to facilitate better cooperation in relation to:

  • Global automotive recycling and vehicle recalls
  • Improved and harmonised training specific to Automotive Dismantlers
  • Increased public, government and automotive industry awareness of the sector and environmental initiatives
  • Global harmonisation
  • Improved sharing of information and resources between global automotive recycling industry associations
  • The provision of fair, reasonable and equitable access to OEM data and parts identification
  • A global and harmonised approach to dealing with backyard operators
  • Acknowledging the impact of electric vehicles and the need for harmonised approaches to dismantling and recycling of these types of vehicles

Automotive Recycling Associations in Canada and New Zealand are currently considering being signatories of the MoU which will further confront issues being experienced globally by Automotive Dismantlers.

Promoting the use of recycled parts

The latest APRAA newsletter, which you can access by clicking here, has a link to campaign material created by the American Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) promoting the use of recycled parts. Click here to access this material. Their campaign is designed to generate awareness to vehicle owners that recycled parts can sometimes be a suitable option for consumers. We encourage Automotive Dismantler Members to create something similar and share on their own social media networks to spark curiosity amongst vehicle owners who may not have realised that recycled parts are an option.

Our meetings with the Department for Environment and Water and EPA in South Australia

Our CEO, Paul Unerkov, and MTA industry representatives, met with Minister for Environment and Water, Hon. David Speirs MP, last week to highlight environmental issues that are affecting members.

We will be having discussions on behalf of members with the Department for Environment and Water in an effort to make progress on a number of items including an End of Life Vehicles Policy, our Green Stamp program, bumper bar and other plastics, solvents disposals, tyre stewardship, action against backyard operators and general recycling issues.

As members can see, there is a lot happening to make progress on recycling issues in the automotive industry. We will continue our discussions with other state-based associations and the MTAA to improve standards within the industry for the benefit of members.

VACC working with the EPA in Victoria on responsible waste management

The VACC is also working with the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to develop new standards for Recycling and Dismantling, including a new industry guide due for completion by the 20th of October to set out best practice for industry in relation to recycling and responsible waste management.

This also includes a review of their Environment Protection Act with a proposal to introduce new legislative instruments to address recycling concerns recognised by the Prime Minister last week in recent statements about prioritising waste management framework.

Key recommendations by the VACC include:

  • Establishing recognised or approved Automotive Treatment Facilities (ATF’s)
  • Legislation to recognise Statutory Written off vehicles as a waste or prescribed waste product to be handled by approved treatment facilities
  • EPA to maintain a publicly accessible database recognising lawful industry participants
  • Promoting new guidelines.

We will be closely monitoring these developments to measure the benefit for Automotive Dismantler Division members here in South Australia with the view of replicating the effective standards in our state, enabling another step forward for an End of Life Vehicles policy, among other automotive recycling initiatives.

In the meantime, if you have any questions in relation to automotive recycling, click here to contact your Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back.