Recently employed an apprentice?

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The Skilling South Australia’s: Equipped for Work initiative is providing support for apprentices and hosts.

If you have directly employed a first year apprentice (hired after the 7th of September 2018), Equipped for Work can support out of pocket training fees while your eligible apprentice is in their first year of training. The initiative also provides support for eligible employers. Eligible employers are those who have, or plan to have a new worker commencing under a training contract.

First time employers accessing professional services can make a second application for Equipped for Work for the same Training Contract, subject to an overall limit on reimbursement of $1000.

Funding is available through payments of up to $1,000 per commencement and reimburses employers and individuals for the costs of equipment or services needed to start an apprenticeship or traineeship, including:

  • Tools, clothing and equipment
  • Car licensing, registration or driving lessons
  • Police checks and other clearances
  • Medical assessments or drug tests
  • Professional services for employers (for example, legal, financial and consulting services) to support employers in employing, or considering employing, an apprentice

Applications for Equipped for Work are currently being managed via a manual application form.

An online application form is currently being developed by the State Government and we will inform you when this happens.

Applications are considered on a case by case basis and applications must demonstrate how the goods or services acquired support the commencement of a training contract that would not have been achieved otherwise. Individuals or employers can seek pre-approval prior to incurring any cost to provide them with assurances that they will be reimbursed.

If you would like further information on applying, call the Department for Innovation and Skills on 1800 673 097.