Power tool safety reminder

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At the end of January this year, NT WorkSafe published a news story about the sudden ignition of a lithium-ion battery attached to a cordless impact wrench, and a timely reminder to treat power tools with care.

The power tool was left on the back seat of its owner’s car over a weekend in Darwin. The explosion occurred with the outside temperature only reaching 31°c.

Members should be particularly cautious in summer if an external temperature of 31°c is all it takes to heat the interior of a vehicle enough to ignite lithium-ion batteries.

However, this marker should not cause members to become complacent on cooler days – there is no official minimum temperature that is safe for a power tool to be left in a vehicle.

Due to the quick actions of the vehicle’s owner with a dry powder extinguisher, the explosion did not completely destroy the vehicle, but the interior was significantly damaged.

NT WorkSafe released a list of actions owners of lithium-ion powered equipment can take to prevent befalling the same fate as the unlucky Darwin resident:

  • Do not store or leave lithium-ion power tool batteries in areas that can become hot or in direct sunlight.
  • If you need to store lithium-ion power tool batteries in vehicles or areas that can become hot, undertake a risk assessment of available non-flammable storage options to contain a potential explosion of the battery and resulting fire.
  • Provide appropriate information or training to all staff on the correct storage of battery-operated power tools.
  • Review where batteries are charged and stored and ensure flammable materials are not present.
  • Follow the battery manufacturer’s advice.
  • Discuss the storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries with your insurer to ensure you are covered in the event of a battery fire.

The power tool which exploded in Darwin was from a reputable manufacturer.

If you would like to review the Safe Operating Procedures of any of your workplace tools or equipment, browse our online SOP library.

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