Playing with fire…

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Mitsubishi Motors Australia has said that the number of car owners still driving vehicles under active recall is alarming.

Mitsubishi spokesperson, Karl Gehling said, “We have some customers that we have sent up to nine letters to, as well as emails, text messages, phone calls and even door knocks.”

Mr Gheling has said that some customers who have a vehicle under active recall say they will get their faulty airbag replaced but never actually make the call to do so, or simply refuse to get it replaced, despite a replacement being free.

There are 12,000 Alpha type Takata airbags awaiting replacement in Australia. In addition to this, there are 1.3 million Beta type Takata airbags that will need replacement at a later date.

In 2018, South Australia banned car owners from renewing their registration if they still had an Alpha Type airbag installed but now several vehicle manufacturers are pushing for Beta type Takata airbags to be included in a similar registration ban. Although the Alpa type airbags are the most volatile, with a 50 per cent chance that dangerous shrapnel will spray when deployed, Beta type airbags only have a one per cent chance, but Mitsubishi says, that’s still not a good thing.

Mr Gehling said, “One of the issues we think is that there has been a lot of publicity around the Alpha bags, with people mistakenly thinking that means the Beta bags are safer. It is still absolutely a risk to have one in your vehicle.”

In addition to Mitsubushi; Honda, Mazda and Nissan have also come out in support of the Beta type airbag registration ban and with 14 car brands carrying Takata airbags, there is still much work to be done to clear both types of these airbags out of the system.

OEMs and dealers who are pro-actively working to get these airbags out of the system are to be commended for their efforts in keeping consumers and all road users safe.

MTA members can seek clarification on their obligations in regards to Takata airbags by reading our recent article by clicking here, outlining deadlines for replacements.

Drivers can check if their vehicle is affected by the recall by visiting

If any MTA member has any concerns in regards to Takata airbags, please contact our Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves, by clicking here.