​Plan ahead to save lives and reduce damage

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Have you recently launched a new business? Or maybe you’ve shifted locations? Even if you’ve just altered the layout of your current site, the need to plan ahead for an emergency is imperative.

Make sure you’re complying with the latest legal requirements in Regulation 43 of the Australian Standard 3745-2010 by having an up-to-date evacuation map of your premises.

WHS Regulation 43 states that a person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace.

Evacuation diagrams provide building occupants and visitors with information regarding how to evacuate the facility and where the relevant emergency equipment is located throughout.

Building occupants and visitors should have access to these diagrams to predetermine the safest options available to them should an emergency occur at that site.

MTA’s WHS Advisor Ben Billing has created over 50 evacuation maps for both MTA member and non-member businesses in the past six months.

“All we require from the member is access to the site so we can walk around and take photos to judge the layout,” explained Ben.

The process has been made as easy as possible for members:

  • We contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit.
  • We take reference photos while we’re there.
  • We create a first draft of the map and email it to you for approval.
  • Once we have your approval, we print and laminate the maps ready for delivery, either via post or in-person.

  • “Maps must be updated when there is a change to the building, such as renovations or relocation of important places,” said Ben.

    Many hours go into the creation and installation of the maps, ensuring that they are as high-quality and accurate as possible.

    To ensure you comply with safety standards, we include the following in every map:

    • A pictorial representation of the floor or area
    • The title Evacuation Diagram
    • Validity date
    • Location of the facility including the facility name, address, location of access streets, nearest cross streets, either stated in word or represented pictorially
    • Location of assembly area(s) in words or pictorially represented
    • A legend reflecting the symbols used
    • The relevant “You are Here” location
    • Designated exits
    • Communication equipment in including warden intercommunication points (WIPs) and manual call points (MCPs) and emergency call points
    • Extinguishers
    • Fire Hose Reels
    • Fire Blankets
    • Fire Indicator Panel
    • Paths of travel

    Ben and the WHS team take pride in making the otherwise difficult process as painless as possible for members. Once completed, the product not only makes your business safer for all employees, but also aids in contracts with insurance companies.

    “We’ve heard good feedback from members on the service we provide,” said Ben.

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    If you have any questions about this or any other workplace service, please contact us at wr@mtasant.com.au or on 8291 2000.