The Bus and Coach Industry stands ready to assist the Government with the issue of overcrowded trains

Public news

Photographs of South Australian train passengers jammed in like sardines and clearly not following the State Government’s social distancing guidelines have left the Bus and Coach Industry frustrated.

MTA CEO, Paul Unerkov said “at a time when Bus and Coach operators have experienced a downturn in turnover of more than 80%, many independent Bus and Coach operators stand ready to assist.

“Our members have buses sitting idle in holding yards across the State due to the downturn caused by job cancellations such as school excursions and regional sightseeing tours. There is no reason that these buses couldn’t be utilised by the Government during this time to ensure the safety of the community.

“The buses are registered and ready to work, with the latest safety features, compliance and comfort, while drivers have police checks, Working With Children Checks and follow hygiene and social distancing rules.

“The MTA has approached the State Government on behalf independent Bus and Coach operators and calls on the State Government to engage these operators to provide an improved standard of service during this difficult time”, Mr Unerkov concluded.