Our ongoing work with schools

Public news

Last week, we facilitated two tour groups of the Training and Employment Centre.

On Wednesday 26 June, eight students from Oceanview College got a close up look at the equipment used in a range of automotive trades and received a presentation from our Apprenticeship Support and School Liaison Officer, Mario Calleja on what they can expect in a modern automotive apprenticeship.

In addition to that group, 20 students from Cornerstone College also had a tour of the Training and Employment Centre on Friday 28 June, garnering much interest from attendees in relation to the range of automotive trades and career pathways in our industry and how the MTA could support them, should they choose to apply in the near future.

These tour groups and our ongoing work with schools are critical in encouraging more young people to take up an automotive trade as a career pathway.

Each tour group is first shown a range of videos that we have put together, showcasing apprentices who have recently graduated, or standout apprentices currently in training, as well as how the MTA has supported them throughout their apprenticeship. These videos also showcase new and evolving technologies in the industry and what they can expect to be repairing or servicing.

You can view the videos shown to these tour groups yourself by clicking here and accessing our YouTube page.

We have a number of other tour groups coming up in the next few weeks to facilitate group and one on one conversations with high school students who are interested in a career pathway in our industry.

In fact, both tour groups last week had a number of high school students interested in undertaking a Certificate I or II course to give them a good grounding in basic automotive skills before entering a full-on apprenticeship. This is something which we absolutely encourage during these tours and to those thinking about a career in the industry.

The MTA’s Recruitment and Project Officer, Mark Eckhold, along with MTA Field Officers and GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen, will also be attending 18 Careers Expos from today until the end of August across the state, another critical aspect designed to promote opportunities.

A reminder that the MTA’s Careers Day will be on 9 August, where MTA Trainers will be on deck to demonstrate to high school students what an automotive apprenticeship is all about! If you would like to get involved, click here to email GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen.