Nine nations sign historic Memorandum of Cooperation

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Automotive businesses are tackling recycling issues on a global scale!

In addition to Australia, eight other nations have signed an historic Auto Recycling Association Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), initiated by the MTAA and APRAA, which is aimed at providing a global voice and action for automotive recycling businesses.

Automotive recycling associations from Brazil, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Poland, the United Kingdom, United States are now signatories of the MoC.

MTAA CEO and APRAA spokesman, Richard Dudley said the signing of the MoC was the start of a new global voice for the automotive recycling industry that will directly assist hundreds of automotive recycling and dismantling businesses across Australia.

Richard said, “The MoC and improved access to intelligence and information with kindred auto recycling associations will strengthen our ability to achieve better policy and regulatory outcomes for Australian consumers and auto recycling businesses.”

“We are also working hard to obtain an End of Life Vehicle policy and regulations that will harmonise and improve Australia’s treatment of more than 700,000 vehicles coming off Australia’s roads each year.”

The MTAA and APRAA initiated the MoC with other automotive recycling organisations as an outcome of an international roundtable held earlier this year in the United Kingdom.

Following this roundtable, the MTAA and APRAA collaborated for the MoC with the global signatories to facilitate better recycling cooperation in relation to:

  • Global automotive recycling and vehicle recalls
  • Improved and harmonised training specific to Automotive Dismantlers
  • Increased public, government and automotive industry awareness of the sector and environmental initiatives
  • Global harmonisation
  • Improved sharing of information and resources between global automotive recycling industry associations
  • The provision of fair, reasonable and equitable access to OEM data and parts identification
  • A global and harmonised approach to dealing with backyard operators
  • Acknowledging the impact of electric vehicles and the need for harmonised approaches to dismantling and recycling of these types of vehicles

If MTA Automotive Dismantler members would like more information on the MoC, click here to contact our Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back or call (08) 8291 2000.