Next steps to improving rider safety

Public news

With the passing of the new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme through the Legislative Council, focus now turns to how industry and government can improve the current RiderSafe training course.

While the Bill changed numerous aspects of obtaining and holding a motorcycle licence, like increasing the minimum application age, midnight curfews and zero alcohol restrictions, there were no tangible amendments made to the training component.

Motorcycle Industry Association Chair, Mark Flynn is proud South Australia has taken the first steps towards improving our licensing scheme.

“Thanks to the MTA, MRG and other advocacy groups consulting on the bill, we’re happy the introduction age change took place,” he said.

“But just raising the age alone isn’t going to fix the death toll unfortunately as many of those represented are in the higher age bracket.”

The RiderSafe motorcycle training course involves two practical elements, basic and advanced, that can be undertaken at one metro location or a choice of five regional locations.

In terms of what’s included, there is plenty of opportunity to further boost rider skills and provide training in defensive riding techniques, much like they do in many European countries.

“What we’re now pushing for is for the training side of things to be brought into line with best practice around Australia and the world,” said Mark.

The MTA is always keen to hear industry opinion on licensing amendments which will promote safer roads and growing our automotive industries.