New videos to promote apprenticeship opportunities

Public news

The MTA partnered with News Ltd to create a series of videos in an effort to raise the awareness of the opportunities in the automotive industry for young people.

Complementing the School Pathways Program that we are delivering, the videos will play a critical role in showcasing the career pathways that our industry has to offer.

MTA Apprentice Alumni, Cam Lees from Solid Mechanical and Engineering, and Russell Mathie from Detrac Deisel, appear in our first two videos promoting opportunities in Light Vehicle and Heavy Vehicle trades. Both Cam and Russell have taken their passion for the industry advancing from MTA apprentices to business owners in a relatively short amount of time, highlighting that if you have the desire to work hard, the automotive industry can take you anywhere.

An overarching video, featuring Drifting Champion, Jake Jones ‘Drift Squid’ and the MTA’s CEO, Paul Unerkov, display the opportunities more broadly and what the MTA can offer for those who are also thinking about following their passion for the industry and turning it into a career.

You can access the videos below and we encourage you to share them via your own social media channels.