New MTA SA/NT Constitution approved

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After a comprehensive review of its Constitution, MTA members approved proposed changes to its Constitutional Rules at an Extraordinary General Meeting at MTA House on 19th of November 2019. The Fair Work Commission formally approved these changes on Monday 7th April 2020.

Transitional arrangements until the Board and the Industry Advisory Council are IAC Annual General Meeting in September 2020 are as follows:

In line with Transitional Arrangements Rule 33. (i) the members of the Executive Committee will resign as members of the Board of Management and be appointed as members of the new Board, Board Representatives are listed HERE ; and (ii) the remaining members of the Board will resign as members of the Board of Management and be appointed as members of the Industry Advisory Council.

The members of the Board and the Industry Advisory Council shall be in place from the date of approval of these Rules under the Act (approved on 7th April 2020) and shall continue in those positions until the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2020.

Please click here to read the new MTA SA/NT Constitution


The changes to the Constitution can be categorised into three main areas:


1. The reorganisation of the Board of Management and Executive Committee into a single Board as the primary governing body of the Motor Trade Association of South Australia and will be trading as MTA SA/NT covering members in both South Australia and Northern Territory; and the introduction of an Industry Advisory Council as a policy advisory committee representing Divisions and Zones. This structure was designed to drive efficient and effective governance by separating industry policy discussions from those of governance and strategy, streamline the decision making process and overcome some of the challenges posed by the current double-board structure.

Election of Board

2. A more direct process for the election of office bearers and the board of seven members.

Each Division and Zone will have the opportunity to nominate one candidate for the seven positions on the Board, and where the number of nominations exceeds seven, a ballot of members will be taken. The positions of Chair and Deputy Chair will be appointed from among the Board. This election structure provides for representation across MTA SA/NT's membership at the Board level, while ensuring the most appropriate candidates are elected.

Meeting modern governance standards and applicable legislation

3.Significant work was undertaken, with input from the Fair Work Commission, to ensure the Constitution reflects current practices of the association, modern standards for a Registered Organisation and is compliant with all applicable legislation. This has resulted in a number of legalistic, structural and typographical amendments.

MTA SA/NT Board Division/Zone Nominees

Nominations are called for the MTA SA/NT Board Division/Zone Nominees.

Nominations, which need to be in writing and comply with the registered rules of the Organisation, can be made and received by the MTA at any time from 26th May 2020 until close of business 8th June 2020.

Nominees and the Nominator should ensure prior to any nomination form being submitted, that they can verify their financial status and other relevant requirements required by the Organisations rules.


1. Each Division and Zone is entitled to one nomination for the seven positions on the Board of the MTA SA/NT.

2. No person may be nominated by more than one Division or Zone. If a person is nominated by more than one Division and/or Zone, that person must give up all but one of the positions and each vacant position will be filled by someone appointed by the relevant Division or Zone.

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