​New Member: Supreme Garage

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Located on busy Main North Road at Hampstead Gardens, Supreme Garage is a relatively young business at just two years old.

Although Supreme Garage is new to the automotive industry, owner Taegyum (Evan) Kim is not, having over a decade of experience in the world of car detailing.

Working in a detailing shop in Korea, Evan found that the chemicals which he was expected to use were irritating his skin. His eczema meant that he found his job difficult, and was wary of the effect that the harsh chemicals could be having on customers with equally sensitive skin.

When one of his colleagues introduced him to the steam detailing process one day, he was instantly drawn to the idea, and hasn’t looked back since.

“They steamed the whole car, inside and out,” Evan said.

“I thought, this has to be really good in Australia as well. Lots of places there use chemicals.”

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the new business owner – Supreme Garage was only a matter of months old when Australia first felt the force of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Adelaide being sent into lockdown almost spelled disaster for the vulnerable new business, which had not yet planted its feet firmly in the local automotive community.

“I was new, I was just starting to let people know about my business,” explained Evan.

“I called the government and told them that I was running a detailing shop, and asked if I could still open.”

He was told that he could not – even though there was a car wash open down the street. Evan contacted some of his other friends in the automotive industry, who pointed him toward the MTA.

The MTA team advised him that he in fact did qualify as an essential service, and that he was allowed to remain open.

This is what initially convinced Evan to register Supreme Garage with the MTA.

“Once you are in the association, you can get help in these types of situations, or you can get advice,” said Evan.

“That’s why I think it’s really necessary for me.

“I feel very strongly that- yes- I need these people”.

Supreme Garage managed to ride out the pandemic, keeping their heads above water, unlike so many other small businesses.

Today, Supreme Garage remains competitive in Adelaide’s car detailing industry and are the only provider of the steam-detailing procedure in the area.

Their focus is on being environmentally friendly and using gentle chemicals which are safe enough to be found in your kitchen cupboard, while maintaining a high standard of sanitation.

“When we’re cleaning up we use sanitiser, and then we have the steam machine to steam it out, meaning that there won’t be any chemical residue left over in the customer’s car,” said Evan.

Supreme Garage’s specialty is their air conditioner sanitation service.

“When you’re in the car, whether you’re using the heater or air conditioner, all the air coming into your car comes through the blower motor, and then it comes through the evaporator,” explained Evan.

“The evaporator is always wet. Because it’s always wet, you can get mould, and even the outside air coming through to the filter means the filter is always dirty.”

Evan’s sanitation knowledge ensures that the air that comes from his customers’ ventilation systems is toxin-free.

Supreme Garage offers a large array of services, including:

  • Steam Car Detailing
  • Interior Smoke Sanitising
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Air-con System Steam Cleaning -Windows Tinting
  • Vinyl Wrapping

In the future, Evan wants to grow his business enough to franchise.

“At the moment, we are focussing on providing service at a low cost, and hopefully more people will try it,” said Evan.

“Then if business is going well, we can open more locations in Adelaide or interstate.”