New IDR tools

Public news

Given insurer behaviour at the moment and the MTA's and AMBRA's push to have insurers made accountable to the Royal Commission, new insurer dispute resolution tools have been made available.

Check out the new tools in the website made available by clicking here.

By using these new tools, opposed to the old IDR complaint ‘builders’, repairers may find it a lot quicker and easier to get through to an insurer in regards to MVIRI Code misconduct.

Once you complete the fields and submit, the particular insurer and also the CAC dispute administrator are immediately notified about the details of your dispute.

Once you submit, you can consider the IDR registered with CAC and the insurer must acknowledge the dispute within 2 business days and respond within 9 business days.

These new insurer dispute resolution tools remove the administration burden for all and speeds up the dispute resolution process.

Currently, the VACC has built ten insurer specific tools. We will add to the list as required:

All AIOI Nissay Dowa Insurance
All AI Insurance (Hollard - Real Insurance ) Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All Allianz Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All Auto & General Brands (IDR Tool)
All CommInsure Brands (IDR Tool)
All IAG Car Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All QBE Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All Suncorp Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All Youi Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)
All Zurich Insurance Brands (IDR Tool)

If you are not satisfied with the response, contact Paul Back and or email a copy of the response to to discuss options.