Do you offer hire or loan cars to your customers?

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Do you offer hire or loan cars to your customers?

If you answered yes, you will be familiar with the difficulties associated with protecting your vehicles against customer mis-use, neglect and abuse.

To minimise your risk, you need to use an agreement that specifically identifies the nature of the arrangement with the customer, you need to ensure you have taken all reasonable steps to protect the property and your legal rights in the event that something goes wrong during the loan or hire.

We have reviewed our Loan Agreement and Hire Agreements so that members can take advantage of a standard form contract and their unique customer expectations.

The new agreements are available from MTA Print. Click here to contact MTA print or call Phil Webb on 8440 2641.

If you have encountered any legal issues surrounding hire / loan agreements with your vehicles, don’t stay silent! Contact Workplace Relations by calling 8291 2000.